International Corporate and Marketing Communications Conference

CMC is the meeting place for academic researchers and teachers as well as practitioners wishing to advance and create knowledge in the field and all major areas of corporate and marketing communications. The conference is organised in association with Journal of Marketing Communications. Prof. Philip Kitchen founded, organized, and chaired the 1st International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communication in 1996. Ever since this conference is annual event organized at the end of April.

Past conferences

  1. Middlesex University, Department of Markting (London, UK) 2015 Prof. Charles Dennis & Prof. TC Melewar & Dr Pantea Foroudi
  2. Keele University, Keele Management School (Keele, UK) 1996 Prof. Philip Kitchen
  3. University of Antwerp, Management School (Antwerp, Belgium) 1997 Prof. Patrick de Pelsmacker
  4. University of Strathclyde, Strathclyde Business School (Glasgow, Scotland) 1998 Prof. Philip Kitchen
  5. University of Salford, Salford Business School (Salford, UK) 1999 Prof. Richard J. Varey
  6. Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management (Rotterdam, NL) 2000 Prof. Cees van Riel
  7. Queen's University School of Management and Economics (Belfast, Northern Ireland)  2001 Prof. Philip Kitchen
  8. University of Antwerp,  Management School (Antwerp, Belgium) 2002 Prof. Patrick de Pelsmacker
  9. London Metropolitan University,  London Metropolitan Business School (London, UK)  2003 Prof. Roger Bennett
  10. University of Warwick,  Warwick Business School (Coventry, UK)  2004 Prof. TC Melewar
  11. Intercollege, Nicosia School of Business Administration (Nicosia, Cyprus) 2005 Prof. Ioanna Papasolomou Doukakis
  12. University of Ljubljana,  Faculty of Social Sciences (Ljubljana, Slovenia)  2006 Prof. Klement Podnar & Prof. Zlatko Jančič
  13. Middlesex University,  Business School (London, UK) 2007 Prof. Lynne Eagle
  14. University of Ljubljana,  Faculty of Social Sciences (Olimie, Podčetrtek Slovenia) 2008 Prof. Klement Podnar
  15. University of Nicosia,  School of Business (Nicosia, Cyprus) 2009 Prof. Ioanna Papasolomou
  16. Aarhus University,  Aarhus School of Business (Aarhus, Denmark) 2010 Prof. Tino Bech-Larsen & Prof. Finn Frandsen
  17. Athens University of Economics and Business,  MBA Programme (Athens, Greece) 2011 Prof. George G. Panigyrakis
  18. ESC Rennes School of Business,  Department of marketing (Brittany, France) 2012 Prof. Philip J. Kitchen & Prof. Adrian Palmer
  19. University of Salerno,  Dept. of Busi. & Comm. Sciences (Salerno, Italy)  2013 Prof. Alfonso Siano & Prof. Maria Teresa Cuomo
  20. Università Cattolica del S. C.,  Dep. of Econ. and Mng. Sci. (Milan, Italy)  2014 Dr. Rossella C. Gambetti & Prof. Edoardo T. Brioschi
  21. Izmir University of Economics, Public Relations and Advertising Department (Izmir, Turkey) 2016 Prof. Ebru Uzunoglu
  22. Universidad de Zaragoza, Faculty of Economics and Business Studies (Zaragoza, Spain) 2017 Prof. Carlos Flavián
  23. University of Exeter, Business School (Exeter, UK) 2018 Dr Marwa Tourky & Prof. William Harvey
  24. Ariel University, School of Communication (Tel Aviv, Israel) 2019 Dr. Dorit Zimand Sheiner
  25. University of Granda, Faculty of Economics and Business (Granda, Spain) 2020 Dr Lucia Porcu & Dr Salvador del Barrio-Garcia   

In the past years the conference has hosted many reputable keynote speakers such as: Prof. Don Schultz, Prof. Patrick de Pelsmacker, Prof. Larissa Grunig, Prof. Philip Kitchen, Tim Ambler, Prof. Cees van Riel, Prof. Christian Grönross, Prof. John MT Balmer, Prof. Michael A Belch, Prof. Gaetano Maria Golinelli, Prof. Russell W. Belk, Prof. Bernard Cova and a number of others including the ones from industry.

For more information about 25th International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications please visit 25th CMC conference webpage.